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Grand Buffet

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For pickup, place your order on our website. For Delivery, place your order on (fees may apply)

We Cook

Your order is prepared and cooked on the same day of ordering.


Pickup or delivery in approx. 30 mintues. You may also  schedule a future pickup/delivery date.



 No prep or cooking required, just open and enjoy your meal!

Take Out FAQs

What can I order?

Many of our popular dishes from our Buffet is available to order. We also offer Hibachi and Build-Your-Combo options where you can pick your entrees and side. Just click the "Pickup" button above to view our full takeout menu.

How long does your meals stay fresh?

Meals will stay fresh for up to 3 days if keep in the fridge. Certain fried items such as General Tso chicken and Coconut shrimp should be eaten the same day you order for the best taste.

What are pickup and delivery options?

Pickup orders can be placed on our website and will be ready within 30 minutes. Payment is required to place your order.

Delivery is only available through DoorDash at this time. Please order at Doordash fees may apply.

You can also schedule a future pickup or delivery date and time. 

How fresh is your food? Is your food frozen?

Your order is made fresh on the same day of ordering and our food is never frozen. Our ingredients are delivered fresh to our restaurant daily and we personally buy our seafood directly from the fish market shortly after it's been caught.


We believe freshness is the most important and put in the extra effort to make sure of it!

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